Woodfield Consulting

Since 2002 Woodfield Consulting Inc. has engaged in a broad variety of consulting, coaching, facilitating, speaking or briefing assignments for utilities, governments and businesses. We focus on being a catalyst and cheerleader to people in organizations needing to clarify their mission’s strategic use of technology….

Our R-V-I model
for Information & Technology:

R for monetary RETURNS
V for corporate VALUES created
I for IMPACTS on people

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What do you mean by 'defensible'? Aren't all business cases defended by the writer and her/his associates?

Some of the least defensible business cases ever written have been defended and sold to unsuspect

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Some people say that some business case writers create the executive summary first, others do it last. Does it matter?

To me it does matter but I can understand the sentiment of writing a summary first. As dealt with

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“Regrettably, human nature seems to overstate revenues as often as it understates costs. Yet business cases have relied solely on these all too human inputs for far too long.”
– Greg Duffy 2007