Few people volunteer to write, review or pass judgement on Business Cases in the Information Technology sector. Even fewer actually enjoy it. Too much mystery about where to start, what to cover and how to say it. With "Demystifying Business Cases for Information Technology, GIS and more" we see that it can be much easier than we think and we can be much more effective than we ever thought possible.


Read about Duffy's Nine Step Model and ideas about content, format and so many tips on how to structure the case and its narrative. This is a light and personable delivery of a lesser known business imperative and reads like you are being spoken to directly, like a story being read.


This book is ideal for anyone involved in the analysis, management or planning for IT in all its forms including GIS (geographic information systems), CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), BI (business intelligence), SCM (supply chain management), PPM (project portfolio management) and so much more ... because the basics apply to every one.


The Demystifying messages of 'how-to-write" are fully adaptable to corporate templates and prescribed methods of "what-to-write". Read it once to become aware of the ideas and concepts. Read it again soon after to apply your added knowledge and to corporate nuances to the Nine Steps. Then use the book as a reference when you next write, review or contribute to an IT business case.


Greg is an accomplished advisor, writer and speaker on programs, projects and people where infrastructure, technology and processes meet to serve the public. His publications stem from being experienced with technology driven services and products derived at the x-y-z coordinates of customer service, process management and information technology. His writing is casual and direct in a personal advisor sense because of his experiences and successes on the factory floor, the front counter, the call center, the meeting room or the executive suite. He writes as if speaking with an audience of friends, of fellow tradesmen in the delivery of applications and outcomes because he has spoken publicly to audiences of a few to several hundred, with ease and candor, across North America and in the Middle East.


In addition to his current book that demystifies Business Cases he has published over a dozen Executive Briefs, many of which started out as articles and insightful commentary in IT and GIS magazines and eZines. Greg tends to think primarily about the user, whether customer or employee, as well as the interactions among them. His documents often reflect that preference. As such Greg is a successfully published commentator, thought leader and recognized speaker covering IT business case governance and the applications of strategic services such as BI, GIS, GPS and the challenges of related paradigms such as management of assets, work and fleets.




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Duffy’s Corollary #1 to Murphy’s Law: “if his prediction hasn’t happened yet, it’s getting more likely.”
– Greg Duffy 2005